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Which Jeep car is Right for you?

Which Jeep car is Right for you?

The Jeep brand has endured for over 70 years providing award-winning vehicles that are as versatile as they are dependable. The company’s motto of “go anywhere, do anything” was born in the heart of battle during World War II as the Jeep 4×4 emerged as the vehicle of choice for thousands of allied soldiers. After the war, the Jeep brand was the unmatched leader in 4×4 capabilities. It has maintained that level of superiority over the decades, adapting to technology to bring you a wide array of new vehicles with all the bells and whistles you would expect in a modern vehicle with the classic 4×4 handling of years gone by. While deciding to buy a Jeep is usually an easy decision, the problem comes when deciding which model is best for you. There isn’t a bad Jeep model, but there are certain factors that you should consider when selecting the one you purchase. Things you should consider are the size you need, how much cargo room is needed, whether you use it for a daily commute, or whether it needs to cover a wide range of terrain. Regardless of the option you choose, you will have safety and security knowing that you and your family are riding in one of the most reliable vehicles ever designed. Each option comes with all the standard safety features that are on the market today.

What are the 5 best types of Jeep?

1- Jeep Cherokee and Jeep Grand Cherokee:   If you need a Jeep with plenty of passenger space and great cargo capacity, your best bet is Jeep Cherokee and Jeep Grand Cherokee the Both models are known for their great off-road capabilities. Keep in mind that the Jeep Cherokee is considered a compact SUV while the Grand Cherokee is a midsize SUV. The Cherokee offers 25 cubic feet of cargo space that can be extended to 55 cubic feet with the seats folded. The Grand Cherokee has 36 cubic feet of cargo space that is almost doubled when the rear seats are folded to 68 cubic feet. Both models seat five passengers with 56 inches of hip space in both the front and rear seating and almost 40 inches of headroom throughout the vehicle.

3- Jeep Wrangler:

When it comes to off-road capability, nothing comes close to the all-new 2018 Jeep Wrangler  Sport. Nothing will come in your way of adventure. It comes with an amazing 285 horsepower and 260 pounds per foot of torque. It is also a Jeep Trail-Rated vehicle meaning it has been tested in traction, ground clearance, maneuverability, suspension, and water fording.

This new model comes with stronger axles, larger brakes, and 33-inch tires. It also has three available 4×4 systems and skid plates. You have the ability to tow up to 3,500 pounds with the four-door model and 2,000 pounds with the two-door model.

4- Jeep Renegade:   If you need to slowly integrate into the Jeep family while staying on a budget, the Jeep Renegade might be the way to go. Kelley Blue Book has designated the Renegade as one of the 10 best SUVs under $25,000, but its overall price is well below that amount. The Jeep Renegade averages 22 miles per gallon and has a 184-horsepower engine. You have the option of an advanced four-wheel-drive system and it comes with the standard features of power windows, doors and locks as well as USB inputs and 16-inch wheels. You also have the option to upgrade to a five-inch touchscreen information system and review camera with lane departure warning. What the Renegade lacks in size it makes up for in creative storage solutions. It gives you the option of a split folding rear seat and an adjustable cargo floor, while passengers have side cargo pockets and easy access to USB ports.

5- Jeep Compass:

The Jeep Compass has consistently been voted the best SUV on the market in its price range. Included features are heated front seats, a heated steering wheel, a remote vehicle start, and panic device. It gets 23 miles per gallon in the city and an amazing 32 mpg on the highway. It also has a 2.4-liter engine, giving you 180 horsepower. Moreover, with its higher ground clearance, it gives you the ability to test out its advanced 4×4 capacity over terrain that is more rugged.

If you are looking for an affordable vehicle for your daily commute or a compact SUV for your family that will give you the safety and maneuverability of the Jeep brand, this is the best option for you. As an added bonus for the Compass, your rear passengers have access to their own adjustable air vents and USB ports, giving them added control and connectivity. Control is also increased for the driver by having several steering wheel control options available, allowing the driver to focus on driving only.



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