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Which lawyers earn the most?

Which lawyers earn the most?

There’s always a buzz of conversation around the topic of lawyers that make the most money. With many paths in the legal department, most people don’t think outside of what’s shown on TV. Criminal lawyers—defense lawyers and attorneys at law—are just a small portion of what people in the legal field can do. Lawyers all over the world help can help their community and their people by dedicating themselves to ensuring that the law is upheld and that the people are getting the best possible treatment due to things that, sometimes, can’t always be explained. Of course, part of this debate centers around the monetary benefits that come with choosing a career in the field of law. That being said, if you are interested, or if you’ve already decided to pursue law in general but are looking for a more specific field to specialize in, this information could help you make a final decision. After all, when choosing a career, it’s not selfish to think about your long term sustainability for your life, your home, your family, and beyond that. The types of lawyers that make the most money are people who work hard for their jobs, and people who put in the effort to get the best results in what they do.

1: Immigration Lawyer

When it comes to types of lawyers that make the most money, immigration lawyers round up the bottom of the list. Immigration lawyers are people who work in the field of helping citizens obtain legal documentation of their current status in the United States. People often seek out immigration lawyers if there happens to be troubles or miscommunication about their ability to stay in the country and work in the country as well. In hard times, these lawyers are called upon to help people remain exactly where they are, and exactly where they belong. On average, a salary for an immigration lawyer rests around $62,000 a year.

2: Civil Rights Lawyer

A person that focuses on cases that revolve around things like equality, social freedom, human rights, and discrimination are civil rights lawyers. Often, they handle the cases where citizens are put under scrutiny for things they cannot control—the color of their skin, perhaps, or their sexual orientation. These lawyers enforce the freedoms of these people, and their right to exist as exactly who they are. Where they land on the types of lawyers that make the most money is just above immigration lawyers. Civil rights lawyers can expect a salary of around $69,000 a year.

3: Family and Divorce Lawyers

A family and divorce lawyer is rather self-explanatory. In cases of marriages ending in a separation, a divorce lawyer is a person who settles all necessities when it comes to that break. Additionally, these lawyers handle things revolving child custody, if the couple had children and visitation rights for the parent that no longer is the sole guardian of any children. Divorce lawyers make sense of the things that people may not care to think about in trying and emotional times brought on by a divorce. When it comes to divorce lawyers, and the types of lawyers that make the most money, their salary isn’t anything to cough at. Yearly, they can expect a salary of $71,000.

4: Personal Injury

Personal injury lawyers are people that provide help to citizens who’ve been harmed by accidents that have occurred. These accidents involve things like car crashes, slip and fall incidents, and things that occur outside of the home on public or private property. Personal injury lawyers are here to provide people who’ve been hurt or affected by these injuries with the right case in order to get proper medical treatment, insurance settlements, and results of any incident that might have occurred. In terms of the types of lawyers that make the most money, personal injury lawyers can expect a salary of $73,000.

5: Criminal Defense Lawyers

Perhaps the most well-known occupation on the list, criminal defense lawyers are people in charge of helping others who’ve been involved in criminal matters. They stand to protect people wrongfully accused, as well as people who’ve stumbled into situations that they themselves cannot handle alone. Often pictured on television programs, people think of these lawyers first when it comes to a career in the legal system. However, when it comes to types of lawyers that make the most money, they don’t top the list. They do, however, make an expected salary of $78,500.

6: Corporate Lawyers

Corporate lawyers are people that work with corporations in order to ensure that the company is complying with standard laws and regulations. They’ll also work closely with an employee to make sure that the company is processing things correctly when it comes to collections, patents, contracts, and more. They can either work from their own firm or work with the company, making it easy to make sure all things are moving along smoothly. On the list of the types of lawyers that make the most money, corporate lawyers sit comfortably with a salary of $98,000.

7: Bankruptcy Lawyers

Bankruptcy lawyers do exactly what you think they do. When someone declares and files for bankruptcy, a bankruptcy lawyer is there to help them through. They’ll try to find the most efficient ways to relieve debt and manage their clients costs, while also ensuring that they won’t fall in on themselves. Bankruptcy lawyers also work with companies who fall under as well, and help them maintain a sense of duty and direction. In terms of lawyers who make the most money, bankruptcy lawyers can expect a salary of $113,000.

8: Real Estate Lawyers

Real estate lawyers focus mainly on property issues, environmental issues, and insurance issues. They tackle things from everyday transactions, to lease and rental agreements, to property inspections. If you’re a homeowner or a renter, you’ve dealt with a real estate lawyer, and they’ve made sure that where you live is safe for you and everyone else who lives there. Real estate lawyers are also charged with drafting up legal documents that concern the properties, such as rental agreements, deeds, and conveyance transactions. When it comes to the types of lawyers that make the most money, real estate agents near the top of the list with a salary of $118,000.

9: Health Care Lawyers

Health care lawyers work closely with a variety of companies. Health insurance companies, hospitals, and companies that make medical equipment and technology all work with health care lawyers. They’re there to provide clients with many things, including direct compliance with all health care laws and regulations. Additionally, health care lawyers play an instrumental role in finding financing for the creation of new health care facilities, as well as handling all causes of medical fraud and insurance issues. Health care lawyers are second on the list of the types of lawyers who make the most money, with an annual salary of $147,000.

10: Intellectual Property Lawyers

Intellectual property lawyers often referred to as IP lawyers, top this list of the types of lawyers that make the most money. IP lawyers deal with intellectual property, meaning anything that’s been created by someone else. This includes patent laws, trademarks, and copyright laws. They are there to provide information to their clients about what others can and cannot do with the service or product they’ve created. With new companies being created every single day, IP lawyers are often in high demand. As they top the list, IP lawyers can expect an annual salary of $155,000.

Types of Lawyers That Make the Most Money: Find Your Niche and Succeed

As you can see, it’s easy to feel safe in terms of money when you choose a career in the field of law. However, don’t let this list scare, or intimidate you. If you’re passionate about what you do when it comes to the law, you’ll find a way to make the most out of it, and your success will come through hard work. Sure, it’s nice to know the types of lawyers that make the most money, and knowing just how much you can make by working in a certain field is one way to help narrow down what you wish to specialize in. However, as long as you’re fully invested in what you do, you’ll be happy either way. Make sure to remember that caring comes first.

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